new zones

New Zone Added: CNPRC Heating and Cooling Plant A

This is the new, larger mechanical building currently under construction at the Primate Center.

CNPRC Heating and Cooling Plant A

CAAN: 5120

ZONE: S068

Address: 4138 Primate Drive

Project #: 9533300

Completion date: End of 2021

SF: 3,279


New Zones Added: CNPRC Lifespan Buildings 1 and 2

New zones added for the following two buildings under construction:

CNPRC LHS Building 1

CAAN: 5113

ZONE: S066

Address: 4186 Primate Drive


CNPRC Lifespan Building 2

CAAN: 5114

ZONE: S067

Address: 4214 Primate Drive