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Annual Timeline

Time Frame



Capital and Space Planning asks Assistant Deans and Directors to confirm the names of departmental space coordinators.

End of September

Capital and Space Planning sends an email to space coordinators announcing the beginning of the space inventory, and provides the official date of record. Departments should update their space inventories to reflect occupancy and use on that date.


Departments update their space inventory and make edits in FacilitiesLink. The department space coordinator notifies Capital and Space Planning by email when the inventory update is complete.

November – early December

Capital and Space Planning reviews department edits in November and early December, and reaches out to space coordinators for clarification (if needed).


Capital and Space Planning submits the building file and room file to the Office of the President.

December – Spring (varies)

OP reviews and runs edits on these files, and then, after any necessary changes, approves the official fall space inventory.


The official fall space inventory is added to Capital and Space Planning’s web site.

Spring (varies)

B11 reports are produced and uploaded to Documents folder in FacilitiesLink.