Navigating the Buildings Module


Select Buildings from the home page.

There are three tabs: Listing, Report and Photos.

On the bottom row of the filter box you will see a row of letters.

Select a letter to display buildings beginning with that letter.


Listing: Alphabetical list of buildings.

Report: Alphabetical list of buildings with summary information (SF).

Photos: Alphabetical list of building photos.

Options to Search for a Building

  1. Type part of the building name in the box next to "Building".

  2. Click on the drop down menu next to "CAAN". Start typing the number and the list will jump to that number.

  3. Use the pull down menu next to “Code” to select the building by Zone code. You can also start typing the zone code and it will appear in the box.

  4. Page through the alphabetical screens. These pages include "also known as" names.

  5. Use filters to limit your list by Region, Category (General, Health Science or Residential), Ownership, Primary Use, Age and more.

Select a Building

Click on the building name in the results list and you will land on the building’s home page. This page includes important information about the building, a space inventory for each floor, links to floor plans (if available) and reports on room use types and departments. There are summary reports and data visualizations. All data can be downloaded into common file formats.

Use the links at the bottom of the results to download your results.