Responsibilities of the Department Space Coordinator

History and Context

A 1971 CA Legislative Act states that an accounting of space by campus, building and room must occur every year. UC Davis uses a decentralized system to track space. Space is allocated to the higher level organizations (Divisions/Schools/Colleges) by the Provost, and the Deans allocate it to their departments. Each Division identifies a space coordinator to review and edit the room data for each space department in the Division. FacilitiesLink is the mechanism for accomplishing this annual task. Our system is open and transparent; space coordinators make changes to rooms and Capital and Space Planning audits the changes before the are transferred from FacilitiesLink to the master database.


Keeps departmental space assignments current throughout the year.

Completes a space inventory in the fall quarter.

Reviews and updates department, room use code, number of stations (where applicable).

Updates room name (optional).

Uses occupant function to connect a person to a room record (encouraged).

Informs Capital and Space Planning when the floor plan does not match what is actually in the building. This is usually due to renovations that haven't been reported. Please inform us when there are renovations in a building that result in room number changes or square footage adjustments and the removal of walls, rooms and doors. We will ask the project manager to send the CAD drawings to Utilities/GIS Services. In some cases, GIS Services and Capital and Space Planning will need to visit the space.

Serves as main contact regarding space and responds to questions clarifying room use.