Best Practices

These are some suggested "best practices" for space coordinators:

  • If possible, start early, prior to Fall quarter. You are free to input information on known room changes for your department throughout the year and use fall quarter to review

  • Update occupancy regularly using the Add and Room Occupant option on the Room page. Some departments do this as part of the "on-boarding" process for new employees

  • If you enter a Room Name in each room record, it makes it easier to identify rooms in the room reports. It is also easier to see what needs to be updated when you do your space inventory.

  • Inform Space Management and Project Development regarding renovations early, especially those that will result in room number changes or square footage adjustments. Room number changes need to be approved by Space Management.

  • Before using Room Use Codes 110-Classroom, 130-Seminar Room, 260-Class Lab or 261-Special Class Lab, please contact Capital and Space Planning. It could have a campus-wide impact.