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How to View and Update Your Space Inventory

Step 1: Print a list of your rooms

  • Click on Departments on the FacilitiesLink home page.
  • Scroll down to Report Gallery.
  • Click on "Assignments by Contact"
  • Look for your name, and click on the department(s) next to your name.
  • Scroll down the page to the Space Inventories section.
  • Click on Complete Listing on the right side of the page
    • Your current departmental space inventory will be displayed
    • If you have room names entered, you will see them displayed
  • Download and print your list of rooms. Select “Download: .xlsx .csv .tab ” on the bottom right of the room list

Step 2: Verify your Space

  • Review your list. If you have space in many buildings, review one building at a time.
  • View or print floor plans with your department space highlighted.
  • We recommend you conduct a visual audit of your space.
  • Verify that the information properly reflects the assignment, predominant use, occupancy and station count as of the date of record.
  • Note any rooms that should be removed from your space inventory. If your department no longer has a room, do not delete it; let us know it needs to be transferred to another department, or work with that department to transfer it

Step 3: Edit your Rooms in FacilitiesLink

These are the room data elements that you are able to edit:

  • Room Use code
  • Department Name
  • Number of Stations (i.e., seats or work stations)
  • Occupant (optional but recommended)
  • Room Name (optional but recommended)
  • Divide (optional)
  • Loan From and Loan Notes (optional)

Please contact Space Management and Project Development if these changes are necessary. Please do not make these changes:

  • Change in Area (sf)
  • Add a room to a building
  • Delete a room from a building
  • Delete a room from your space inventory (If your department no longer has a room, do not delete it; let us know it needs to be transferred)
  • Change a room number
  • Change the Function, CPEC Code or NSF Survey code

Step 4: Inform Space Management and Project Development that your inventory update is complete

Email Teri Greenfield at tgreenfield@ucdavis.edu