How to View and Update Your Space Inventory

Print a list of your rooms

  • Click on Departments on the FacilitiesLink home page.
  • Scroll down to Report Gallery.
  • Click on "Assignments by Contacts"
  • Look for your name, and click on the department(s) next to your name.
  • Scroll down the page to the Space Inventories section.
  • Click on Complete Listing on the right side of the page
    • Your current departmental space inventory will be displayed
    • If you have room names entered, you will see them displayed
  • Download and print your list of rooms. Select “Download: .xlsx .csv .tab ” on the bottom right of the room list

Verify your Space

  • Review your list. If you have space in many buildings, review one building at a time.
  • View or print floor plans with your department space highlighted.
  • We recommend you conduct a visual audit of your space.
  • Verify that the information properly reflects the assignment, predominant use, occupancy and station count as of the date of record.
  • Note any rooms that should be removed from your space inventory. If your department no longer has a room, do not delete it; let us know it needs to be transferred to another department, or work with that department to transfer it

Update your Rooms in FacilitiesLink

These are the room data elements that you are able to edit:

  • Room Use code
  • Department Name
  • Number of Stations (i.e., seats or work stations)
  • Occupant (optional but recommended)
  • Room Name (optional but recommended)
  • Divide (optional)
  • Loan From and Loan Notes (optional)

Please contact Space Management and Project Development:

  • If you want to change the SF (area)
  • If you want to add a room to a building
  • If a room needs to be deleted (retired) from a building
  • If you think a room should not be in your space inventory (If your department no longer has a room, do not delete it; let us know it needs to be transferred)
  • If a room number needs to be changed
  • Function, CPEC Code and NSF Survey code should not be changed

Step 4: Inform Space Management and Project Development that your inventory update is complete

Email Teri Greenfield at