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How to Add and Remove an Occupant

Add Occupant

From a Room page, scroll down to the Occupants section.

Click Add (next to Occupants, in blue). This brings you to the Select Contact page. There will be a list of names associated with the department assigned to that room.

If you see the correct employee name listed, click on the name. If you do NOT see the employee name listed, you can type the name, or part of it, in the Name box If you still can’t find the name, the person might not be an employee. Click Create. You will automatically be returned to the room page.

You can use one of the generic titles listed in each department e.g., General Graduate Student.

You can select a start and end date, but it is not required.

You do not need to click on “Update Room”.

Remove Occupant

Navigate to a Room page. You do not need to click on Update Room.

Scroll down to the Occupants section.

Click Update next to the occupant’s name (on the far right of the page)

Click on Remove Occupant (in blue) at far right of page

A screen appears: “Remove Occupant

Click Remove. (Note: if you want to temporarily remove an occupant, you can include a date under Vacated. The person’s name will remain in gray under the room listing.)

After you click Remove, you will be returned to the Room page.

You do not need to click on “Update Room”.