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Navigating the Space Inventory (Rooms) Module

This module provides the ability to see all rooms in the database (active and retired) and filter them based on a variety of criteria and themes. It functions as the central dashboard for the room database. When you drill down to the room level in other modules you are directed here to see the results.

There are options to see Active, Retired and All rooms. The current selection will be highlighted in yellow.


  • Filter the results by Building, Floor, Department, Division, Room Use, size and stations. See table below.
  • Search for a person by typing the name (or part of it) in the Occupant box, or search for a unique room type by entering the Room Name box (e.g., “Server Room”).

  • Download your results using the Download options on the bottom right, below the list. Room Name is included in the download.

Room List

How to Find a Room

Click on the arrow next to the Building box and the building dropdown list will appear. Click on a building and click Enter.

  • The room list will appear in the window below.

  • The rooms will be highlighted in blue. You can click on a room to go to that room record.

  • On the room record, the room location will be highlighted in yellow on the floor plan on the right side of the page.

  • Click on the floor plan to open a larger floor plan.

How to Use Filters

Floor After you select a building you can select one or all of the floors. The results will appear in the window.
Region Use the dropdown menu to select a Region, or leave blank.
Room Type a room number to select that room. If you click on a room and want to go back to the Space Inventory page, click on Rooms in the Navigation Bar at the upper left corner of the window. You can also use the back arrow in your browser.
Room Name

Search for a unique room type by entering the Room Name box (e.g., “Server Room”).


Search for a person by typing the name (or part of it) in the box.

Room Use Select a room use category from the dropdown list.
Department Select a department from the dropdown list.
Division Select a Division from the dropdown list.
Loan If checked, this will select rooms that have been loaned to another department.
Area Type a minimum number (200) in the Min Area box and a maximum number (300) in the Max box, or leave that blank.  The results will show rooms that are between 100 and 300 sf.