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UC Davis FacilitiesLink is the system used to make changes to campus space inventory and space accounting data, and to administer the Indirect Costs Space Functional Use Survey. The system is also used to integrate spatial, capital planning, property agreement, and facilities data, in order to provide a common frame of reference to be used across multiple organizations. Access to the system is limited to qualified employees.

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School of Veterinary Medicine Students - if you are seeking to schedule rooms, contact


For purposes of charging indirect costs to federal grants, UC Davis prepares a Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rate Proposal every 4‑6 years. As part of this process, UC Davis must perform an Indirect Costs Space Functional Use Survey. The space survey is administered by A&FS Costing Policy & Analysis and is conducted through UC Davis FacilitiesLink. The space survey results are one of the most scrutinized portions of the (F&A) Rate Audit by the Federal Government, and having quality data is critical to the negotiation of our F&A Rate.


Space Resource Management (SRM) Home Page
List of Current Space Accounting Departments by DaFIS Organization ID
GIS Services Home Page, UC Davis Utilities
UC Davis Campus Map
Annual Space Inventory Reports (official data for campus planning)
A&FS Capital Asset Accounting (a.k.a. Equipment Management)
A&FS Costing Policy & Analysis
Design & Construction Management (Davis campus)
Communication Resources NAM Maps (Davis campus)
Facilities Management Work Orders (UC Davis campus and non-UCDHS off-campus buildings only)
FM Project, Submittal, and Commissioning Review (access from UC Davis campus only)
FacilitiesMap - Campus Maps and Building Floor Plans provided by Utilities GIS Services
UCDHS Maps, Floor Plans, and Drawings (access from UC Davis networks only)
Utilities Consumption Dashboard (Davis campus grid only)
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