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Activity Reports

The following is a list of reports summarizing activity in the space database. It does not include Health buildings. The titles are linked to files in a Box folder. Previous reports are located here.

Last update: January 19, 2022

Activity 1. Renaming Buildings

These reports show buildings that have been renamed and future new names.

Renamed Buildings: Previous Year (2021)

Renamed Buildings: Recent Years

Activity 2. On-Boarding Buildings

Data for new campus buildings is added to the system over many years - first the CAAN, then the address and zone, floor plans, room use, occupancy date, etc. These reports show the information collected while "on-boarding" the buildings.

Building On-Boarding in Progress, by Date of Last Update

Building On-Boarding in Progress, by Construction Date

New CAANs Added, by Date Added

Building On-Boarding in Progress, by Date Added to FacilitiesLink

Activity 3. Retiring Buildings

There can be a delay between the date a building is demolished, and when it is retired from the system. It will not be officially retired until it has been cleared of all assets/equipment in the system.

Buildings Retired in the Previous Year (2021)

Buildings Retired in Recent Years

Buildings Retired in the Previous Year (2021) with SF

Buildings Retired in Recent Years, with SF

Activity 4. Updating Building Characteristics

Check here for changes to key descriptive data for existing buildings.

Selected Building Address and Zone Changes in the Previous Year (2021)

Selected Updates to Building Characteristics in the Previous Year (2021)